Monday, August 6, 2012

discover your creative power

I will be offering an opportunity to unleash and explore your creative power.  The workshop will be held at Aslan Institute, Saturday, September 1 from 9:30 - 11:30. 

This is an opportunity to experience an innovative therapeutic art-making process.  The process is gentle, easily accessible, and can help open the creative power that lies uniquely within all of us. The workshop is structured around four points:  intention, art-making, art witnessing, and sharing.  Individually, we will each set an intention for the 45 minutes of art making. At the end of the art-making, you'll have an opportunity to "talk" to your art and listen to what your inner creative spirit has to share with you.  Sharing of your work and discovery is optional. 

For anyone who is skittish about making art in a group, rest assured that comments, either good or bad, are not allowed.  This is a personal journey and the format of the workshop allows you to freely explore your own inner callings, create with abandon, and uncover your unique creative voice.

A variety of art materials will be provided.  No art experience necessary, honest!

Price:  $25 / person

For more information or to register, email me at:

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