Saturday, September 22, 2012

a lesson from my lawn

It's hard to believe that grass and grubs can hold a life lesson, but here's one...

I was gardening the other day...well, actually, I was pulling out dead grass from my entire front side yard. Unbeknownst to me, the grubs decided to hold their annual convention in my lawn. Just days earlier, everyting was lush and green.  It wasn't until the damage was done that I learned of the in"feast"ation.  As I was pulling up the grass, the old saying, "What's eating you?" struck me.  It made me laugh seeing the connection between our psyche and the grubs in my grass. 

We all know how to put on a pretty exterior and try to cover-up what's really going on inside. This works for a while, but eventually, the damage done by the grubs in our psyche make their appearance and the cover is up. The next time something is "eating you,"  stop and look at the grubs.  Grub control for the psyche comes in many forms.  It may be having the conversation with the person that is "bugging" you, it may be a walk or a run is all that's needed to clear your head.  If it's something deeper than that, I encourage you to seek professional help.  Truly, it's best to clear out the grubs before the grass turns brown and all that you're left with is dirt and weeds.

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